Why You Need a Build Agent in the Mountains

Dated: August 17 2020

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Buying a new construction home in many areas of the country is a relatively straightforward process. You find a new home community in your desired location and select a lot/home package with the best floor plan and features in your price range, working primarily with the builder's sales representative throughout the process. You sign the builder's construction contract, pay a deposit, and 3-6 months later you close the transaction and move into your newly built home.

Building a home in Asheville and Western North Carolina is different. While a handful of builders in this market may specialize in building from standard floor plans and you might occasionally come across pre-selected lot/home packages in new home communities (CONTACT US to learn more), these options are typically few and far between, especially for more upscale or luxury homes.

The Asheville and Western North Carolina new construction market is primarily an "on your lot" custom home market, meaning you first need to find and purchase the lot or land for your new home, and then hire a builder, architect or "design-build" firm to design and build the home on your lot - and not necessarily in that order. You may have a very clear vision of what your are looking for in your ideal home, but here in the mountains where no two lots are the same and there is no such thing as a level building site, trade-offs are often required to strike the right balance of design, features and price.

For the uninitiated in new construction and buyers moving here from other places, the prospect of building a home in Asheville and Western North Carolina can be daunting. Unfortunately, information about the new construction and custom home buying journey - how and where to start, how to find new home communities or the best locations based on your lifestyle preferences, selecting the most suitable land or lots for your ideal home, and how to find, screen and select the right builder - is scarce to nonexistent.

This is why we created BUILD AGENT®, a service designed with the goal of helping buyers navigate the new construction and custom home buying process. Think of us as your concierge-like local guide on this journey, offering not only our new home development and new construction expertise, but also our local insights to help you make the most informed decisions possible along the way.

If you are thinking about building a home in the Asheville or Western North Carolina area, please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions. We are passionate about new construction homes and the new home development process, and happy to be of service.

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